A-----3-3----3-3---3-3----3-3------3-3|------3-3---3-3---3 3------------7-9-10---

What strokes should i use? im really having trouble..tempo is 126 and there all semi's sep for the sixtuplet at the end.
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tecnical difficulties eh?

I think I start with up stroke on all notes on D-string and then down strokes on A...

you could try, it gives a more heavier sound then just alternative picking
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yeah technical difficulties alrighty, its funny how wat soudnds the easiest is actually the hardest for me lol, im right with the solo and all the sixtuplets just not the intro bit lol
I play guitar =]
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Ya thats what I was thinking. Although i fingerpick most things so its all whats most comfortable.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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Alt pick except the triplets at the end. For those, just pick the B and E and hammer on the rest.
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down up down down up down down up ... and so on

edit: im an idiot, up up down down up up down down ... for the first part atleast
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Paul Gilbert uses alternate picking for this song.
Who are some of your favorite guitarists? Examine their styles and find out from that what kind of picking you want to master.
I'm an alternate picker myself!

BTW My guitar is signed by Gilbert!!!
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