hi guys! I got the vintage nuno bettencourt n2 for USD230.

I'm going to clean it up, needs complete electtronic overhall, new pickups and volume and pickup switches etc.

want to build a nice funky metal sound like nuno had on the earlier exrtreme. I'm looking at Dimarzio pickups but they seem to have about 10,00000,0000,000000 pickups with slight variations in their name that claim to be revolutionary in some way.

all suggestions welcome, including for the neck position.

all brands too, but some nfo on dimarzio would be appreciated too!

also, in terms of the other parts, ie volume knob and pickup selector,, are stock products going to be as good as branded products, or at that level ar ethey all much of a much-ness?

muchos grachos ppl
Nice buy, congrats! As far as DiMarzio's go, I've always liked PAF Pro's (think early VH-type sound) or Evolutions (a bit more modern and obviously Vai-ish ).
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also, guys, should I be sanding the body back to clean it up? or is that a no no? it's my first mod, and the giutar, although not an n4 is one that I really love the look and feel of, and want to get it right
The Tone Zone would be great for Bettencourt stuff, Paf Pro in the neck - I'm assuming your N2 doesn't have L500 in the bridge then?
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no, not one of the new models, this is an original '89 model. it has been previously mod-ded and its got the steve morse dimarzio in the bridge with a stock in the neck. the morse pickup is a bit ratty-tatty though.