Hi, I live in Devon, UK and am on the lookout for others from this area to form a band. I have been teaching myself guitar over the past 4 years. I'm not Hendrix or Clapton, but I'm not bad, just need some jamming buddies to develop skills, experience and confidence. My influences are Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Metallica, Breed 77, Seether and even Seth Lakeman (so quite a range!)

Please please please anyone with same infleunces/goals, contact me as this is my dream and I'm hell-bent on doing something to achieve it!
HEY!!!!!!!! You sound like just the guy I'm looking for !!! This is also my dream and I'm really really desperate for some bandmates,
I'm also a guitarist, I've been playing about as long as you and I've written almost a whole album worth of progressive/metal material, also with jazzy and symphonic overtones, so like you, I have no problem with diversity, and you're quite welcome to bring ALL of your influences into the band, because I'm a huge fan of psychedelic, crazy music with a wide range of influences! I know Seth Lakeman by the way! (Well, not personally, you know wht I mean!)
By the way, I live in Newton Abbot near Torquay, where are you situated..... hope it's not Exeter or somewhere even further away.......!!!!
Write back, cheers!

Ben Brodie
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(Influences - Metallica, Iron Maiden, Opeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Machine Head, Nightwish, Tool, all this crazy stuff!)
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how near exeter are you?

if you like brigade fightstar nine black alps finch funeral for a friend machine head exit ten give us a shout as im near exeter got all my gear n stuff
You might as well give up, he's either gone on holiday or isn't gunna respond or has found a band lol.
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what bands u into maybe if we could come to an argment we could do something if you wanted
Well what do you play ??? To be honest, Im only really looking for a drummer now.
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Though if you play bass, I already have another guy lined up, but if he can't be in the band then I will be looking for a bassist too. If you play guitar, I'm sorry but we're not looking for a guitarist.
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