ok so im getting a new bass, and its definatley an Ibanez. but im wondering...which in your opinion would be the best Ibanez to get? i play emocore/poppunk/hardcore music, and want something really solid. ideas?
I've got the SR505, its a 5 string which might come in handy. It gives off a great growly tone, nice light and thing.. i love it
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The SR50# is a good bass, but for your type of music,you should look into an SRX, too.
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BTW, i prefer 4 stringers.

Then I suggest the SR500. I prefer the 5 (SR505) but that's just me. Nice growly tone, but it can be dialed into just about whatever you want.
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Look at the SDGRs too. Tried a 5er at the local store today. It was nice. Played through a Peavey Classic 400 though, so that tube wattage may have had something to do with it.
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i got the SR506 and its amazing, the SR500 wouldn't be a bad choice. You could look at the SRX series, the EDB series looks pretty cool aswell.
the SRX series sucks now...they're cutting down on it. I've always thought they were awesome but feature and costwise...nothing compares with the SR500s
I agree that u should get the SR500, its a real nice bass.
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I'm selling my SR506 for an ATK305 most likely.

Anybody want the 506, it's in the classifieds.

The ATK would do very well for an aggressive tone, I think.
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Why not a BTB400... I have the 405 version and its as good as the SR505 but looks better.