i was just browsing musiciansfriend and i found this kirk hammetts signature guitar. there were 3, the cheap one with the non emg 81s and the 2 more expensives one with emgs. the more expensives ones are:


was wondering what you think of it and whats the difference between the two

thanks (by the way, i just started guitar :p)
you could get that same guitar Minus the name "Kirk Hammet" name for $800 with Emg 81's and black with white Binding.. Basically better for value! http://www.guitarshop.net/espmh1000.htm

And well one is ESP so its a pure custom, and everything on it top notch

and the other one is LTD still a custom model just not as prestigue as the ESP
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my friend has the one with EMG HZ's and its pretty good. but if youre just starting off, go with False_Gods idea.

Edit: i have the h-1000, which is basically the same as the MH-1000 just it has different binding, and its a ****ing awesome guitar.

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The ESP is basicly best of best right there.
The LTD is a real quality guitar, basicly the same just the LTD was made in Korea which has a lower quality control apparently.
I can say that the LTD KH-602 is a REALLY nice guitar. The neck is nice and thin, perfect for lead work. Neck through aswell, it has all the best hardware you can get really.
i prefer the neck thru models, very good access to the upper frets
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