today, i was watching a band play live, and in the middle of a song, the guitarist picked up something from on top of his amp which was shaped like a little box. he put this close to his strings, and from what i could hear, it seemed like it made his guitar have unlimited (or a lot of) sustain. the tone just went on and on, like how the coldplay guitarist often does.
can someone tell me what this thing is? what its called and where i can get it from?
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What did it sound like?

And where does the coldplay guitarist use it? I'm having a little trouble understanding you.
Yeah, I saw Eddie Vedder use one of those on their Live at the Garden DVD. Almost looked like an electric razor!
pearl jam uses them much, in World Wide Suicide the intro is with Ebow. On live at the garden, Eddie plays the outro solo of Wishlist with one.
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