Well, I'm looking for a new amp, and I can't decide what to get. It has to be 30W or more. Giggable if possible, but that's just a bonus.
What kind of music do you play?

but simply the respoces you will get are buy Vox AD50VT or the Roland Cube 60

I'd say look at the Vox AD50VT.

Both those are gigable in small venues
Those both look good, what about the Fender FM series, Marshall MG series and the Marshall AVT series? Are any of those any good?
No MGs...I have one and I regret it. Get an AVT!
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Laney LC15 - All valve.
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Actually, I've narrowed it down, Vox AD50VT or Marshall AVT50X

From what I hear the AVTs are not versatile at all and you pay more for the name too
avt's are terrible. I'd go laney lc or vc15... or maybe cube or valvetronix.
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