is their anything i need to know about tuning a FR, ive heard its pretty difficult, like to change strings and tune so can you tell me what i need to know, preferably in considerable detail
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It's not even that hard to change the strings or tune it. all you need is a little patience and it gets done
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i used to wonder ike u ...and i got a guitar with a floyed....however i regret doing so coz changing the tuning even to a drop d needs a lot of work......i mean i change tuning more than i use tremolo....so IMO if u change tuning a lot ...go for fixed bridge...if u mostly play on same tuning go for floyed for sure...coz it keeps tuning perfectly
i go drop D everynow and again, but tremelo is very important for my playing, ill just keep my ohter guitar perma-tuned to drop D. what kinda strigns should i get for a FR as well, i heard you should use different ones. (i currently use EB super slinky, 9s
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