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Finally a new song... Actually, it's not too shreddy, but it has some of the coolest melodies I've come up. The song's called Abalone , inspired by the neck inlay on my JEM.

Comment mine and I'll comment yours.

Edit: In case it's hard to navigate or you want to understand what it says on the page, you can change the language from the right end of the blue bar.
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That was really cool =)
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Very nice!!
your soloing is very well done! I love the part near the end when you spead up, it's got the right emotion in set there!!!

Can't wait to see what you do next!

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this sure is one of the better songs about an inlay out there
very good work, i love the smooth sound here. its not often that somebody can combine shred style with easy listening, but i think you did it pretty well. really nice tone, especially on the quieter bridge part. my only crit is i thought it kinda ended suddenly, but still awesome stuff, nice job
Loved Stormcrusher, this was, as expected, just as good (if not better). May I ask how you record the background? Do you use a program or do you record it all yourself live?
This song is AWESOME, actually downloading it. Nice Jem too.

Crit mine? PS, how much was ezdrummer or is it free?
Ezdrummer costs something like 120-150 euros. Well worth the money, I can tell that. Gimme a link to your thread and I will comment yours.
This sounds relly cool, quite vai, especially with your jem, and you sound quite like him.

The clean part in the middle sounds really nice, very relaxing, as is the whole song. I can see you put passion into your playing, yet everything is played cleanly and without mistake.

First song I listened to on these forums I actually wanted to download, so thats praise indeed lol.

Crit mine? Link in sig, although it pales into insignificance....
Not the kind of music i usually listen to, but love your playing mate.
You've got some skills. Mixing is done well too.

Oh and great solo
keep it up
Thank you for the crit. Your lead playing is extremely smooth sounding. I would kill to be able to play lead like that myself. Nice jazzy backing music. Overall I liked it, it's not my favourite type of genre, but I'd say 8/10
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Thanks for the phrasing tip
Wow, this was really good. Really nice melody. Very jazzy fusion kind of melody.
That thing you do at 0.25 sounds exactly like Mattias ''IA'' Eklundh.
I like that clean part. Nice tone. I can hear that it is a Jem.
Nice chops too.
All in all, thumbs up!
I'm jealous of your writing
That's really just amazing.

Great tone, great timing, great phrasing.

Even the backing track was impressive.

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Thanks. I've really paid the attention to the instruments in the background now, as I've gotten complaints before about the bad backing tracks.
Wow dude! The backing track sounds really awesome! This is good quality shit right here dude lol. Theres not much to say that HASNT been said before, this is amazing, you have a nice tone. What are your setting and such? DETAILS!
Wow man, this is awsome! I'm a fan of your work. This is probably the best thing I have heard from UG. Not meaning to 'ass kiss' or anything, but really, I love it!

Nice tone too! Was that the GH50L?
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What are your setting and such? DETAILS!

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Nice tone too! Was that the GH50L?

Yes, and I did absolutely no EQing on the guitars.
I really love your tone, great stuff. I'm a massive fan of Laney's, and tones like yours really do them justice.

The playing on the track is superb, no flaws there. The arrangement is all top notch too, great sounds too, the backing really compliments the playing. The drum programming is awesome, nicely done!

However, I'm going to have to be really harsh and rip into the actual piece. I didn't feel like there was enough of a melody to really pull me into it... a lot of the time if felt like you were meandering a bit waiting for something to happen. Thats just the first part though, when you come in with the tapping part... it really takes off, and I love that section, there are some great movements in there. And coming out of that section is great, love the loungy-jazzy feel there.

Hope that helps!
nice dude! Cool solo stuff, but id like to hear more guitar i the backing tracks. Your style though. keep it up!
Sounds like Vai meet Eric Johnson

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I really liked this. Your tone is amazing and the soloing is very clean and flowing. Are you using the neck pick up? I liked the tapping part a lot, too. I play everything except the drums on mine, too. I thougt this was laid-back (especially the slower jazzy part - I liked it a lot - the transition back to the faster part was great) as you described, but it still had a lot of emotion, and I could feel it especially because I think the tone and everything you have suits the sound you are going for very well. Great job! Mind critting mine?
very nice, tone is beautiful i liked the delay especially. Had the very nice slow melodic parts and the faster shred-type parts, the playing really matches the guitar haha

keep up the good work
Wow! that was really great! You are really really really good! Seriously... I think I have only heard one song before on UG, that was this good!

The song itself is very beautiful, and you are definatly a very skilled guitar player! Just like Joe Satriani, im a big fan of Joe, and since your music, to me, sounds very much like him, I really enjoy it!

Mind critting mind?
dude i think you did an awesome job of not exploding til the end. i was just waitin for you to go off, man your awesome dude Not my style of music, but i always appreciate talent. Great playing dude. Cheak out my latest, its called chasin kenny
great song. i love the lead, very steve vai-ish, i like it alot. i don't really know what else to say dude, its just great guitar playing.
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Wow I love this, very Satriani like. I thought the lead guitar could be a very tiny bit quieter in the mix. Oh man, I love this tapping parts. It's so clean. And love that clean bluesy jazzy interlude thing. Nice shredding up and down the scale, could have been a little cleaner going down, but was excellent.

Overall, ace job dude.
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Nicely put together. How long did it take you to arrange this?

im most jealous of your tone and ability to record with such quality

Edit: What software do you use to record, and what delay pedal do you use for this?

also (sorry for all the questions), what kind of JEM do you have and what amp do you run it through?

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Nicely put together. How long did it take you to arrange this?

im most jealous of your tone and ability to record with such quality

Edit: What software do you use to record, and what delay pedal do you use for this?

also (sorry for all the questions), what kind of JEM do you have and what amp do you run it through?

Okay, so first of all, I'm not sure how long it took to arrange this, as I wrote this song quite a while ago, but decided to record it just now.

I have JEM7VWH, I play it through Laney GH50L head and GS412IS cab. I used M-Audio Pro Tools for recording and mixing. I didn't use a delay pedal, I added the delay in Pro Tools.

And to goatslullaby, give me a link and I shall crit your song.
I think this has convinced me to get a JEM.
Your playing is so clean and the mixing and overall sound is very well done.My only complaint would really have to be the sudden ending.I was expecting more of a gradual fade a la "Too young to fall in love",which I would love to hear.

The backing track is good and it's hard to believe those drums are programmed.
The delay really sounds good under the guitar.Nice choice.Love that tapping pattern.

Here is a question nobody asked.What Bass did you use?And amp?
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