I currently have a SG and I really like how it feels with the main shape because I can easily access the higher frets. Not only that I just feel comfortable with it overall. However, it lacks certain things I need like...24 frets, Tremolo (FR specifically) and other things. So I was thinking of creating a SG-ish guitar with all the things I would like on it using a template. I just want to know:

How hard is it to increase the neck to 24 fret?

How much would I have to increase the thickness to incoporate a FR?

From what I see, the SG body isnt flat with the neck right? how hard would it be to make it flat with neck for a FR?

Is there anything of importance I should know before I commence the project?

I've done alot of research and I'm still reading on it.
just buy a new guitar, an sg doesnt deserve all of that, you could mess it up.
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