Well i got a problem with my Standard Strat. The thing is just too damn trebly well the bridge pup at least. I like all the other coils there nice and glassy but the bridge is like furious earsex. I use a silverface fender champ too so that probably adds even more to brightness.

So i decided to get new humbucking pickups. Mainly im getting these too warm up my strat. but also i want high output pups that will quickly drive my amp into od in contrast to the single coils. I dont want the thin sound of a strat at the bridge i want a meaty les paul type sound. Also im gonna use coil split for when i do want single coil sounds (which i heard the Dual Sound is good for).

Ok so ive narrowed it down to probably the DiMarzio Super Distortion, the DiMarizio Dual Sound, and the Duncan Custom Custom. So tell me which one to suggest for me or any other ones that may be good for my needs. BTW i play a lot of classic rock and blues but i want a high output for those long sustaining lead tones.

Thx for any help UG
hmm, if you want sustain- buy a compressor pedal, cause aren´t going to get a loooong sustain with a strat. As for the pickup, go with the seymour dunkan!


Buy a Les Paul!
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i have a compression sustainer and a distortion pedal but to get rid of the earpiercing tones i have to put the equalizer all the way on the bassier side so when i use my other pickups the bass just shakes everything. So i wanted a humbucker to even everything out and add a smother top end and more output for leads/solos since there is no tone control for the bridge.