Right Ive looked for quite a bit for a new amp, at the moment i have a shitty sounding mg15dfx, i want to be able to play it with drums, it needs to last a long time too, i play metal mostly, stuff like pantera, lamb of god, sepultura, trivium so on... ive heard lots of good things about the cubes, and i think a cube 60 may be the best, if i want to be heard over drums, and ive spotted a mashall AVT50, there about £200 and thats just about my limit, so any help on this would be really great cheers.
(oh and if theres any other that would be better I'm open to suggestions)
(and if it makes much differance my guitar is a Jackson RR3 with semour duncans)
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Go for the Cube, they're more versatile and sound way better...the AVT is a horrible amp and it can't do metal on it's own without pedals
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am i the only person who thinks cubes suck? cause they do. everyone on here told me to get a cube 60, so i got one, and the distortion is pants. dont like the tone at all. if you want a cheaper decent amp look into some randalls, much better than cubes
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Cube cube cube

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I just got a cube 60 today actually...after much deliberation, but yep I got there in the end

I think it is a very good little amp.

Its' R-Fier setting is certainly good enough for most types of metal.
I have a cube 20 watt and it works pretty darn good. It has dozens of options with several effects. From the differences between the 15 watt and the 20 watt one, the 60 watt one probably has even more amazing features.
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