Ok, well i really don't no if this is the right place to put this but
am completly self-taught, and i learn things as i come about them.
i've learnt unholy confessions by A7X and in the verse sorta part theres a bit where on the tab is written <4>. i want to no how this sounds so hi, is it a harmonic and if so it sounds likes theres vibrato in it to
i probaly look verys stupid here, but try and help
and if this is the wrong place, tell me and i'll delete it and move it
you're partially right. the <4> means it's a pinch harmonic, where you pick the string, and then follow up by sort of pinching it after; hence the name, pinch harmonic. it's hard to learn, if you don't already know how. but if you do, it's just a pinch harmonic there. :P
Can you link the tab? I could probably find out if I saw it with everything else.
yea, it's a pinch harmonic with a vibrato, if you don't know how to do it all you do is brush the string with your thumb as you play it, they're easy so just practis(sp?).
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