I'm working on a community project in here in Canada eh?
We're teaching kids (who otherwise wouldn't have a chance) to play music.
Does anybody know any really easy songs (preferrably the tabs) that would be easy for first time players.
The kids have already mastered My Generation by the who, but I want something that's a little more up to date.
Any help would be appreciated.

What genre of music are you looking for? I'm guessing you aren't looking for little kid songs that you can all sing around the campfire, but I don't really know what you are looking for specifically.
Mindless Self Indulgence has some easy songs, but depending how young the kids are, their songs may be a bit too rude. Have a look at You'll Rebel to Anything, one of MSI's albums. All the lyrics are there too.
Psycho by System of a Down is fairly easy, and you can use it to introduce them to drop tunings, if you haven't already done that. Also try Sweat by Tool, it's a fairly basic song.
Thanks for the great responses so far. The kids are between 14 and 17. They seem to gravitate toward the pop/punk genre, Sum 41, Green Day style. Being that I'm older than stink, I thought The Who was a good way to start. I like the idea of teaching the drop down tuning.
The simpler the better for now.
Thanks for the help.