I currently play an Epiphone G-400 and want to upgrade my pickups to something better for heavy punk/rock and metal.

Originally i was planning on getting Duncan Invaders for it but everyone seems to think they are terrible.

I thought they sounded alright when i heard, but if someone can explain why they should be avoided and suggest something better...

I've been told Duncan Distortions and Dimebuckers are good...

Any suggestions for a neck pickup? Otherwise I'll leave the original SG pickup in...

thought of maybe a new gtar? cause its not just the pickups which determine tone, and also maybe widen your scope on the pickups selection, dimarzios are also very good and such like
dimbuckers. I love em. Unless, keep your own. Its not a huge problem.
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Duncan Distortions are very nice in SG bodies. I have one in my Gibson SG in the bridge and it sounds beautiful! DiMarzios are great too, I'm putting in an Evolution bridge, Air Norton middle, and Air Norton neck in my next guitar, and I would also recommend the Air Norton for the neck position, or an evolution. Dont get invaders, they are far too muddy, and Dimebuckers are as well IMO...
I know theres already a G-400 with EMs ( cause I have it) but EMG 81/85 combo is the way to go.
editcore: Actually you might want to go with a 61/85 combo for more range.