is the Marshall AVT150HX Half Stack a good amp to use with the gibon les paul? dont know to much about amps, but my cousin has a marshall mg100 half stack and i was wondering if this was much better and worth the 600 dollars more i would pay.
MG100 sucks and from what I hear the AVT isn't much better either. Maybe go for a tube combo depending on your budget.
No, it's not worth the 600 dollars extra. Maybe if you buy one used you could get a good price on one, but for the price of the AVT you might as well go for a full on valve amp that'll sound a lot better IMO.
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i play emo and punk, the jcms are really expensive i'm looking at spendind under 1500$
Please stop right now. Put the checkbook down.

You'd be stupid to spend 1100 dollars on an avt halfstack. Spend the money and buy a used JCM800 combo.

And please don't say "you need a halfstack"...a 50 watt JCM800 will be about 2x as loud as that AVT.
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try a mesa/boogie triple rectifier. although they're expensive, ver good for what your into.

Jcm 800-900 or a dsl 401 used! DON'T GET THE AVT OR ANOTHER MG!!!
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if you 'NEED' a halfstack get the B-52 AT-100 100w guittar head and matching cab. Then just keep upgrading from there.



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yeah i gotta go with dont get an MG i had one it blew tbh even though its high wattage a tube combo will be louder and better in everyway
get a JCM 900 halfstack used, that should be about $1300-$1400.

and guys, please, his budget limit is $1500 and he wants a halfstack, why the hell are you recommending combos?
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avoid mg's/avt's, especially at USA prices. go tube instead, as a general rule.
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