Just wondering. I picked up a new bass/amp the other day and I plugged my reg guitar into the amp and it gives a nice brand new sound that I enjoy. Will this hurt my rig in any way?
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Its ok i guess, but don't crank up the volume and add too much distortion. Stop if you smell something burning
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Well I do it sometimes as well (Peavey Microbass, our band uses it for the vocal microfone when were practising as well, really versatile little bitch :P) and it sounds quite good, just to practise stuff. Don't think you can damage your amp with guitar, but I'm not an expert on that :P
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Its not going to do any harm per se if you don't add too much distortion, but the high end is going to sound odd and weak, for lack of a better term.
NO...don't ever. The bass amp is NOT used to the guitar's high frequencies. It'll rip the amp's speakers right off.
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Im not gonna crank it too much, that would just be silly. I just figured playing bass through a guitar amp messes it up, so playing guitar through a bass amp might not be a good idea. Anywho Ill keep at it, you guys keep rocking too

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Older blues players used to use bass amps because they preferred the tones they got, it won't hurt the amp at all, my guitarist usually uses my bass amp at practices
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Lots of guitarists use bass amps. Wait until your thread isn't being shown on the front page of UG and you'll get some serious responses rather than every passing idiot. Guitar through a bass amp is fine - IMO it gives a great tone for blues or metal.
Adam Jones from Tool plays through bass cabinets. You'll be fine. Add as much distortion as you want, he does, lol... I very much agree with smb on this, well, on both points....

It won't rip the speakers off. Bass speakers are much more durable than guitar speakers. Hell, I put my guitar through my bass amp... it saves money and it sounds good
i used to play my guitar through my bass amp before i got a guitar amp and it doesnt destroy it, its basses through guitar amps you dont do
I just played my old Strat through one of my old bass amps today. It sounded just fine. Bass speakers are more durable than guitar speakers, so they can handle both instruments.
I do it as well, sounds great. With any guitar but mine... Since my head is very transparent a crap guitar will sound like a crap guitar. A good strat however, sounds great through it.

And lots of distortion will only really harm tweeters I think.
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Bass has treble in it too beleive it or not. Lisen to really tinny Slap Bass and tell me that doesn't sound like it is in the same tonal range as a guitar.

Infact with some practice Bass amps they put "CAN BE USED AS BOTH A BASS AND GUITAR AMP" thing on the box as a selling point, when they are just plain Bass amps.

And like some of these other guys said, You may just like the sound of it and prefer it over a guitar amp. Bass amps typically sound really thick, deep, and powerfull.

Also, about distortion. Bass distortion (GOOD Bass distortion, none of this gay "FLUFFY FUZZ" crap) will do far more damamge to a Bass speaker than a guitar distortion ever will.
I probably damage my 15" speaker with my Low B + Active Electronics + Huge distortion sound than you will with your guitar and any amount of distortion.
think about it this way. the 21st fret of ur G string is the same pitch as the high open E on a 6 string guitar. take into account harmonics u can do on a bass ur bass can reach just as high a note as any 6 string.
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this has nothing to do with the thread. "Reported". you allready made a thread about this. why don't you tab it yourself? or are you a n00b?

anyway, a guitar through a bass amp will not hurt it one bit.
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