Im an intermediate guitarist, and have grasped the basics of soloing around the pentatonics and some major scales, but I was wondering (since you dont see much of it around the web) if anyone can gimme a link, or tell me:

How to solo using multiple scales, which ones fit with others etc.

Thanks in advance
have you learned all pentatonic positions (boxes?), that helped me
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The positions all belong to the same scale.

I think he's asking for possible combinations of scales that would work cool over, say, some Eminor backtrack. Like if E Phrygian would sound good mixed with E Locrian, or something like that.

That's a question I'd like to see answered =)
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for the most part if theres a song in a certain mode, than usually playing another mode in the solo isnt gonna sound all that great. i hope thats what you were asking...
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