whats the quality of dean guitars? im lookin at cadillacs cause they look damn nice but do dean use solid mahogony? how are the necks? and stock pickups?
what im asking is are Deans High quality guitars of the shelf? and most importantly what are the necks like?
I have played a Cadillac, and was not impressed. The neck was fat, like an SG, if you like that, great, but I don't. The pick-ups were low-output, but sounded ok. They are high quality guitars, except for the Dime series, those are just overpriced shitblocks.
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i played a dean hardtail one time really awesome guitar had a nice top on it as well i used to play it everytime i went in that music store til some asshole bought it and took my joy away but the neck was really smooth and it had great sustain dean makes some good guitars when they're not trying to sell a name
meh, every dean i have played was sub par for what they were asking for it.

however, the best dean ive played was this guy (the exact one)
price tag, 4 grand. you can get alot nicer guitars for the price. i would stay away, since you arent getting a radical shape.
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If you want a quality Dean guitar it should be from the 1970's or early 1980's. The modern Dean Guitars are nothing special and if you get one you'll most likely be stuck with it.