A song I was writing, and then got kind of stuck on... some of it may sound botched... but anyway.

Verse bits

Look at all the people
Starin' at the sky
What a shame
They'll never learn to fly

Look at all the dreamers
Wishing it were true
Oooh, but in the end
Truth is, it's only you

pre-chorus/chorus (not sure yet)

I wonder how it feels
To be alone
To be without yourself
When you're at home

verse bits cont.

Look at all the people
Starin' at the ground
And what a shame
To watch them as they drown

Wouldn't it be nice
To be as calm as them
Oooh, to never know
It's all going to end

chorus thingy

I wonder how it feels
To be free
I wonder if they think like me
Ahhhh, I can't believe
Ahhhh, it's only me

versish thing

Looking out my window
At people passing by
And what a shame
They're all going to die

My sweetest friend
It's only you
Oooh, and all the dreams
None of them were true

That's what I have so far, so yeah, not sure where to go
it's way to similar to john lennon's "Imagine."
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