Im looking to play metal and I want a guitar with 24 frets and a floyd rose tremolo. I found two Ibanez's that fit my needs and I was wondering which would be a better buy. They both are the same price so which is the best out of the:

RG4EXQM1- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG4EXQM1-Quilted-Maple-Top-Electric-Guitar?sku=519785

RG370DXGP- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG370DXGP-Electric-Guitar?sku=512367&src=3SOSWXXA
u can get the exact same guitar as the rg370 for 50 bucks less
rg350 only difference i can see is the pickguard, i have an rg350 and it rules however if u have 800 bucks to spend u can get a better ibanez for metal liek a prestige, id recomend an S530 i think it is with the claw marks or u can probably get a higher end one with dimarzios
o wait just reread ya sorry thought the first was 800
no id recomend the rg350 but also what amp are u using cause thatl also depend on the metalness of ure tone
All of those guitars have homo-erotic trems. If you're going for a guitar in that price range, get a hardtail. The RG321 is a nice mahogany hardtail Ibanez.
The 370 is a bit on the shit side, it has an Edge III tremelo which is pretty terrible. The 4EX would be a better buy, but again it only has a Licensed FR and it has Ibanez INF pickups which aren't the best either. Both guitars would need plenty of upgrades. Your best bet would be to save a bit of money and get a prestige or something.

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I dunno your budget but I recommend the Ibanez in my sig, it's sexy as fuck

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Quote by Bloodening
I dunno your budget but I recommend the Ibanez in my sig, it's sexy as fuck

dayum, where's the jizz icon. That is a sick guitar.
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Quote by Bloodening
I dunno your budget but I recommend the Ibanez in my sig, it's sexy as fuck

Lol... he's looking at $500 guitars, and you recommend that... Gotta love the shameless flaunting!

*cough* buyaRG1570 *cough*

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Don't know anything about those guitars, but the paint job on the second one isn't nice if you ask me.