I'm looking for something that could last for a pretty long time, is good quality, and cheap(about 300-400 bucks) and whats a good brand that I could count on. I know I'm full of questions but i just want your guyes advice. And ideas?
I'm in the same situation as you. Want a decent acous/elect, but dont want to spend a lot, but I want alot for my money. I played a bunch over the past few weeks and narrowed my choice to one. Its 499.99 new @ Guitar Center, about 400 on ebay used. The Takamine G544SC I think its called. Defiinetly 544, not sure about the SC. Plays like butter, plugged in and acoustic, on board tuner, eq, great buy IMO. Were beginning to play some "unplugged" sets and I need one to gig regularly, so thats what I'm getting this week. Hope this helps.
Tanglewood for the win. Mine cost me £225, marked down from £300 and it's got solid top, back and sides.
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