I've been struggling the past two hours to get my relatively old Yamaha PSR-225GM Keyboard hooked up to my pc. I have a Yamaha UX16 USB-MIDI cable, and the driver disk that came with it..

Now here's the deal: Whenever I try to install the drive, my pc says it's unable to find file ysmusb or something... I've tried the driverdisk that came with the cable, i downloaded the latest update from global.yamaha.com and such. But every single time it says Hardware can't be installed.

I've already tried this http://www.ghofulpo.com/james/archives/2007/02/entry_150.php

entirely for 4 times. It won't work. And yes, I have rebooted in between trying.

Deal why I'm doing this, is because I'm trying to set up a small recording thingy right here in my own room. I'm already running Guitar Rig 2 through Cubase SX 3, and planning on to do the same with Groove Agent 2 and another program for synthesizer, to which I was hoping to be able to hook up my keyboard...

If this is the wrong forum, please some Mod move it.

in advance, and even if you can't help me, thanks for trying
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