is it possible to have a body of a bass with electric guitar parts? like the pickups and bridge and pots and pickup selector on a bass body? and a new neck
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It is possible, only the body would be huge. It would have to be an un-routed body, cos the pickup cavities and holes for screws would be smaller and in different places.

I've seen a guitar (as in GUITAR guitar) shaped like a Rickenbacker 4003 bass.
To Shaski: Rick make those - they're a standard model. That ponce from Kasabian uses one

Threadstarter - so long as the body was blank and you could position the bridge it'd be fine. Otherwise you'd have to fit a new bridge in a different position.
I don't know which model he uses but there are a number of different Ric models in that shape. The 480 is probably the most 4001-like.