This is a thread about what you think would be the greatest super group eva

You can use the members of any group from any band from any country.

heres the standards
band name(optional)
Lead Gt
Rythm Gt

Go crazy with this
I wanna hear everyones opinions.
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Vocs: Axl Rose
Lead: Slash
Rythrm: My Mate
Bass: Me
Drums: not sure
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Vocs- howard Jones (killswitch engage)
lead gtr - SYU (galnryus)
rythm gtr- Alexi laiho (children of bodom)
Bass - toshiya (dir en grey)
drums - The rev ( avenged sevefold)

i tihnk this would be a badass line up
this have been done...
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Emerson, Lake and Palmer are already the ultimate supergroup but...

Progressive Death Metal
Mikael Akerfeldt- Growls/Clean Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Muhammed Suicmez- Growls/Lead Guitar
Mike Portnoy- Drums
Keith Emerson- Keyboards
Michael Lepond- Bass

Cat Stevens- Guitar/Vocals
John Ondrasik- Guitar/Piano/Vocals
Roger Waters- Bass/Vocals
Ian McDonald- Flute/Sax/Vibraphone/Keyboard/Vocals
Ringo Starr- Drums/Absolutely No Vocals

Those are my two dream supergroups.
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