ive never owned a tube amp before but it sure seems like there are quite a bit of warnings so u dont screw or blow it up. so, is it something that has a lot of upkeep?
Uh..no, just don't be stupid with your amp and you'll be fine...

ie: Put your drink on your amp, flip your on and off switch 324432 times just for the heck of it, etc etc.

Tips are, keep it somewhere ventalated when playing, it'll heat up alot if you don't...

Also, when turning on the amp, go Off --> standby --> *waits about 30 seconds* --> On --> Rawk out....

Then when done you go, On --> straight off.
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retubing one and getting it serviced can be pretty expensive, so you should just take care of it avoid bumping it or dropping. otherwise, they are worth it!! If anyone recommends that you retube once a year, that is BS. People do that only to maintain the freshest tube sound and even at that you can't tell a big difference.
there's not much to it at all, just remember to turn to standby for about a minute before you turn on and play. I haven't had to change tubes yet, and I've had my amp for about 15 months. If you're gigging or whatever, best to keep some spares handy, though.
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