Alright, what do UGers think about the explosion in popularity of Japanese culture. I've read the sushi-loving and anime threads. Is Japan that cool, or is it hype?

I'm Japanese by the way.
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I just came back from Paris... and for some reason you cant walk down a street there without finding a sushi restaurant????

I personally tried it once and liked it... but I can see why most people wouldn't...
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RobbieMac2002 gives good advice.
Well, its a completely different culture. sushi is great, manga has some really goood staff like ghost in the shell or ninja scroll we all love those japanese scholl students. But all this hype about japan is not new. IT has been going on for years.
Akira is a great movie. Sushi is pretty good. Nintendo kicks ass. Zen is about the only philosophy/religion I can buy into.

That's about all I know about Japan.
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Japan is that cool.

In fact, if Japan were a group of cool kids in your neighborhood, you'd never roll with them.
Poor advice.