i got a little of a chorus. u wont know how it sounds but ill post it.

And I am waiting right here
Until you stand right next to me
I'll be here to the end of time.

it follows goes with this guitar part.

------------ 5-------3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is pretty cliche for starters. I'm going to judge as critically as I can to help you out, and I don't mean anything by it. The idea "I'll wait for you forever" has already been done so many times, and it's kind of been over used. Try to think up something original to say, or even an original way to say "I'll wait for you forever". If you hide that cliche within metaphors and mature lines, it'll look a lot better for you, but don't over do it.

Secondly, the guitar part it goes with is also incredibly cliche and over done. I'm assuming you're in the key of D or d min, and to go from the I - to the V - to the IV has been done since music began and I'm not kidding. Then, when guitar came along, they made that progression sound good (and it did) by palm muting and including different strumming patterns, but in reality, there's only so much innovation you can put in those three chords, and now there's nothing new you can do with them.

Thirdly, don't give up hope. I'm sure you have other ideas and stuff for this song including a melody. Don't through all of this stuff away. Although this stuff is cliche, you can still use it and/or put a new spin to it. For example: use the I-V-IV in the chorus, but use more creative progressions in the verse.

Don't give up writing. Also, please crit my piece, Problems with Prophecies
thanx. i totally understand wat u mean. can u tell me wat u mean though by I-V-IV. do u mean the 1st fret to 4th to 5th. and i play it in EADGBe tuning. wat tuning too. thanx so much.