like the title of the thread. i just startedto learn acoustic songs, ive been playing electric for a year and a half now. i know nutshell by AIC but that about it.
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I don't know how hard they are because I just started 4 months age, but Tantric songs are really cool.

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i love acoustic songs so here are some of my favorite

wish you were here-pink floyd
mother-pink floyd
like a stone- audioslave
doesnt remind me- audioslave
you're beautiful- james blunt
black hole sun - soundgarden
steeples- dispatch
two coins- dispatch
the general- dispatch
out loud- dispatch
hey jude- beatles
sitting waiting wishing- jack johnson
banana pancakes- jack johnson
how to save a life (live acoustic) -the fray

that should start you off

some of these are rock songs but made acoustic
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I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
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