That kid has some serious potential.

He's off to the rock star life so fast, he'll probably OD on something at like, 10 or 11.
Ha, that was quite sweet, he wasnt half bad

the look on his face when he got it was quite hilarious
well im sorry, but he wont make it. he's far too short. send him to the circus.
this kid i goin places man...wouldn't be surprised if he turns into the next Jason Becker
Hes good. But I bet that gibson ways more then him. The sad part is, he didn't know what the brand was. =(
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he's alright for his age, was that ellen degeneres?
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He's pretty good. This kid stands out from all the other child-virtuosos 'cause he doesn't just go for speed with a shitload of distortion. It actually sounds good!
I think I can see it happening...

the little guy growin up into one of the best blues guitarists ever.

unless of course, like almost everybody, his music tastes change and he becomes one of the best shredders ever.

Either way, that put a smile on my face =D
Ellen Degeneres looks like she's gonna rape him, leaning closer and closer...
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