Ok, so I have this old laptop that my dad's work was going to throw away but he took it instead. It hasn't been used months, and probably would never get used again. I've decided to turn it into an awesome music library that I could have going at parties and people could request songs and they would actually be on it. That kind of thing.

Well, I need some guidance and advice from The Pit. It has XP and other than that I don't know a whole lot about it. I have all the basics I need or a music library, Led Zep, AC/DC, you know what I mean.

What I'm mainly asking for is what else to put on it. I'm not including anything other than rock, maybe a little Metallica-type metal, no satanic, screaming, a demon is doing the vocals Lamb of God metal. Especially no rap. I'm also asking what some nice programs or add ons would be good to include on the laptop to make it as awesome as possible. I'm currently using WMP 10, but i'm sure there's better programs out there.

Well, there ya go, if you have any questions ask me. I won't be able to check posts for a couple hours, so be patient.

wmp 11?

how bout some black sabbath or iron maiden?
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A guy from my dad's work has kinda the same thing as you want. He has got this extern harddisc with 400 GB of music, and a laptop with Winamp and a program he made that lets you search the music library and queue them in Winamp. Works pretty well. So you should probably try and find a search program like that.
You shouldn't be so narrow minded about music.....especially if you want to do requests....

But anyways, you'd be best of using something like Media Player 11 or Winamp.
Free to download as well, just search in Google.
The specs of it won't be that important, but you want a big hard drive, around 150GB, but you can buy external ones.
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You should put some Deep Purple on it.

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Find I Can't Even Touch You by Steve Harley. I order you.

Also, download some of the extras for WMP 10, I have no idea what is better though.
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