Is it possible to screw around with a stereo's speaker so that I could plug an amp head into it for use in my cabinet?

If so, how? thanks.
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I just bisically want to know how to plug an amphead into a normal large stereo speaker.
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yes, assuming the ohms are correct, wattage, etc.

Stereo speakers don't really work all that well for guitar. In my opinion, most consumer grade speakers give you great cleans, but distortion is lacking. Guitar speakers are made to distort and color the sound, while stereo speakers are meant to just reproduce whatever comes out of the amp head.
well, I would have pre-amp distortion. I just want to use a normal stereo speaker, how could I format it to an instrument cable.
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That's not what I'm talking about. Muti purpose, non prosound speakers will generally give you very fizzy, noisy type distortion. Guitar specific speakers distort accordingly, smoothing out the sound.

Don't use an instrument cable. Use a speaker cable.

If the ohms match up, just get a spare input jack, hookup the + and - lines to the appropriate lugs. There are diagrams out there for it, because I don't remember which on is which too well.