I just finished this work of non fiction whilst on vacation. A highly interesting read - I knew very little of the histories presented. Michael Azzerad can actually make a music chronicle good writing.


Anyone else read it? I instantly wanted to listen to every single album described.

I also now know -

Black Flag was an utterly miserable scene to have been a part of.
The Butthole Surfers are mentally instable.
Fugazi and The Minutemen are pretty much as perfect and respectable as a band can get.
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Yeah, great book. I loved the butthole surfer stories especially. Sweet Jesus were they insane.

Also introduced me to Mission of Burma, who have quickly become one of my favorites.

As an aside, it's weird to see how all of the bands were related; they were acquainted and toured together too.
Great read; a lot of interesting tales of the road in there.
I loved the Minor Threat & Fugazi parts, still to read most of the others apart from the Black Flag one.
It's probably my favorite music-related book, and it introduced me to the hypnotic stylings of Beat Happening...

Azzerad also wrote the best biography of Kurt Cobain