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If you had infinite amounts of money for a bass rig, what would you have?

Mine would be:
Fender American P-bass
Ampeg SVT-VR Head
Marshall VBC412 Cab
fender jazzbass -> boss AB 2 AB-BOX -> GK 2001RB -> GK 410 RBH/8 Cabinet -> GK 410 RBH/8 Cabinet
                                    -> GK 2001RB -> GK 410 RBH/8 Cabinet -> GK 115 RHB cabinet

and some effects (don't realy know what)
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If I had infinite monies?

Lots of basses going through lots of effects pedals. 2 Mesa Boogie Titan V-12's. One for clean/overdriven stuff only. One for total effects/driven stuff. One going into an 810 the other going into a 412.
ernie ball musicman stingray

ashdown kylstron 1000 head and some ashdown neo 8 by 10 cabs

also some roadies to move that big ass cab around for me, i'd want two heads and two cabs to drown the guitarist out, mwa ha ha ha

MM Stingray 4 (already have) \
MM Stingray 4 fretless         > - - - > 2 GK 2001RB (already have) ------->effects loop -----> 2x 410RBH & 115RBH stacks (already have one)
Benevante Custom 4           /
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Warwick Corvette through a Peavey Pro 810 Cab and a Peavey Pro 500 head.
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Pedulla Rapture 4 string, Early ricky fretless and early P-Bass through 2 ashdown abm 500 heads (rackmounted, i love the chrome ) and an 8x10 cab and 2 1x15s
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Warwick Thumb ------> Line 6 Pod XT pro rackmoutajig ---------> Orange AD200 head ---------> 2x orange 4x10 cabs
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Warwick Thumb bass 6 string (tuned BEADGC) and a Warwick Vampyre LTD with Dragon and Moon inlay 5 string )tuned F#BF#BE) with a Line 6 Bass Pod XT Pro (rackmounted) and a dual channel Ashly CLX-52 rackmounted compressor/limiter, biamped into Ampeg SVT-4 Pro's with Ampeg SVP BSP preamps, through an 8x10 for the "high" amp and through a 4x10 and a 1x15 for the "low" amp.
I would have to go with a handmade BC Rich V-shaped 5 string bass (with active USA-made EMGs, 3 band EQ, active/passive switch, mono-rail bridge of some kind, ebony fretboard, diamond inlays, 24 frets, black hardware/bridge/tuners, and a Beast headstock. yeah, i've thought this out.) running via wireless into an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro (rackmounted with some form of a rackmount compression, a sansamp bass DI, and a 31 band EQ ) all running from the two outputs of the SVT4 to an Ampeg 8x10 and an Ampeg 2x15. Also some nice straplocks with a 3'' leather strap, because i'm sick of mine falling off! Can you say "Ultimate Metal Rig"? *hopes no one posts with "Ultimate Metal Rig"*
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US DX Fender Jazz 5-string (have)
Warwick Buzzard 5 string in black
Jaco signature fretless

biamped into:
Ampeg Classic 410
Ampeg Classic 118 (crossover point at 500Hz)

I would add effects to the 410 and leave the 118 clean.
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Basses: Warwick Thumb Fretless
Vintage Fender American Deluxe Jazz
Rickenbaker 4003
An upright that plays even better than it looks

Doesn't matter as long as they're clean and powerful.
for the bass: a completely custom built ESP
for the rig: GK 2001RB head -> mesa roadready 8x10 and 4x12
for the effects: boss CEB-3, boss BF-3, boss DD-6, boss GEB-7, digitech bass whammy, akai deep impact, morley power wah boost, russian big muff, sansamp GT2
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Hmm... let's see:
A Musicman Stingray 5 string
A Peavey Classic 400 tube power all the way
and an Ampeg SVT 810
Fender Strat '62 With Clapton signal processor and Fender Lace Sensors
Kustom DFX 100 (2x12)
Fender 150W all tube '64 vintage Amp (2x12)
Influences: Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth

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A Sage custom 4-string, 35" scale neck-through. Black, with a dark grey "Dark Rider" type graphic - like the Emperor/Enslaved split album cover. Swamp Ash body with a Walnut top. Nordstrand single coil at neck, Nordstrand MM-style humbucker at the bridge. Ebony fretboard, 3 Band EQ, gunmetal hardware, and no inlays.

A Rickenbacker 4000 in white w/ black pickguard

A Fender American Deluxe P-Bass Swamp Ash, with EMG pickups, black body w/ silver (not mirror) pickguard.

Not to rip MetalUpTheAss off, but it's similar to his.

Mesa Boogie Big Block Titan V-12 going into a Mesa 8x10


SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI
Digitech Whammy
EHX Microsynth
EHX Russian Big Muff (I already have it)
Carl Martin Bass Chorus
GK Diesel Dawg
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A 17 string bass with a 20 foot tall amp, brands don't matter.

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Doesn't matter as long as they're clean and powerful.

you people are no fun at all.

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Warwick Thumb bass 6 string (tuned BEADGC) and a Warwick Vampyre LTD with Dragon and Moon inlay 5 string )tuned F#BF#BE) with a Line 6 Bass Pod XT Pro (rackmounted) and a dual channel Ashly CLX-52 rackmounted compressor/limiter, biamped into Ampeg SVT-4 Pro's with Ampeg SVP BSP preamps, through an 8x10 for the "high" amp and through a 4x10 and a 1x15 for the "low" amp.

And that is goddamn sexy!

Now my turn:

Custom Made Bass (made with my own two hands) laminated Maple and Mahogany (Carl Thompson style) with a Billy Sheehan-style neck pikckup and a Musicman style Bridge pickup at 24 fret. Jazz Bass neck, 4 strings at EADG

Fender 5 string delux Jazz Bass with a P-J active pickup configuration at 30 Frets. Also natural with a quilted maple top face.

going into the following:

(pre splitting)
Some sort of limiter
Distortion (I dunno what kind yet, but a grouly sound with a hell of alot of mids)
Digitech Whammy (for bends and effects)

Split with Digitech A&B/power supply pedal

(high amp)
Big Dog Gutiar Chorus (already own )
Cry Baby Classic guitar wah (also own )
Fender 1200W Power amp
Three halfstacks or 6 2/10s (for ease of carry)

(low amp)
Digitech Whammy (for Octdown or general harmony with high amp)
Tremolo pedal (oscolating volume, not whammy bar)
volume pedal

Fender 1200W power amp
Going into two 21" speakers.

(Post split)
31 Band Rackmount EQ (you know, the sterio ones)
Ernie Ball sterio volume pedal
If there was an unlimited budget, there's no way I can list everything I would get in one post... However a couple of setups I would have to have would be:

Rickenbacker 4004 (reversed headstock, horseshoe pickup) with Ric-o-Sound
Neck pickup into a pair of Ampeg V4s with 410 cabinets
Bridge pickup into a MicroKorg (for delay, chorus etc) then an E-H English Muff'n split into a '70s Acoustic head with Marshall 810 and a Sunn Concert head and 215.

Custom neck-through 5 string, 24 frets, 3+2 headstock, tuned C F Bb Eb Ab. Mahogany core, walnut top on the body. 3 band EQ on pre-amp. Mesa head with two 412 cabs.

Singlecut semi-hollow with Darkstar pickup and no controls on the body. Body and neck binding (either cream or 3ply cream/black/cream) Volume, wah and Big Muff pedals. 1972 Ampeg SVT with 410 and 115 cabs.
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I also forgot to mention that my handmade BC Rich would be a neck through with a 35" scale.
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Ampeg SVPCL preamp (as needed) into a Gallien-Krueger 2001RB head into a Fender Bassman 8x10 cab.
Oh dayum..what bassist hasn't had wet dreams about this thought?

Custom 5-string Fretted Alembic
5 string
Extra long scale 35 inches
3 Purpleheart neck laminates
Ebony fingerboard
Classic fingerboard taper (narrow bridge)
Mother of pearl ovals
Side LEDs in amber
Crown peghead
Bevel front and back of peghead
Coco bolo top
Bookmatched top
Flame maple body
California walnut back
Polyester clear gloss finish
Balance K Heart Omega body shape
Tummy and elbow contour
Recessed silver logo w/shell
Bridge block
Bird tailpiece
Brass truss rod cover
Continuous wood backplate
Gold plated hardware
Gold Alembic Gotoh machine heads
Gold strap locks
Series II electronics
Total Price
Series II Quotation 20750.00

Stingray 5 with a Maple Neck
Fretless Warwick Thumb

Custom Gecko 5 Bass -
Swamp Ash/Flame Maple Gecko 5 Body
Wenge/Ebony Gecko 5 Neck
Pickups MM Hambucker/ Jazz Soapbar Neck, possibly just two EMG Jazz pickups
Hipshot Tremelo Bridge
Gotoh Tuners
Bone Nut
Purple Dye

Michael kelly fretless Acoustic Dragonfly Bass

Then for Amps...

SWR 4x10 On top of an SWR 1x15 with a SWR 750x head.

Ampeg SVT15E with an Ampeg BXT-410HL4 and Ampeg SVT8PRO Bass Head.

And of course..Pedals

Ashdown Dual Compressor
Morley Dual Bass Wah
Ashdown Drive Plus
Ashdown Chorus Plus
Guyatone BE-2 Bottom Equalizer

Will I blow myself to hell? Probably. But damn will it be fun. And now this thread has depressed me...
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Bass: Spector NS-5XL, ESP F-405(black with tribal inlay), Ernie Ball Bongo 5 string.

Head: Gallien Krueger 2001RB

Amps: Gallien Krueger 410SBX(own it)
Gallien Krueger 115SBX
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aight, it'd be

fretless stingray
warwick bolt on thumb bass
Gallien Kruegar 1001 rb-IV
metal Muff
Cry Baby
Dunlop Chorus
Dunlop flange
Boss delay
Boss loop station
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Fender American Vintage 62 Precision Bass
Fender American Vintage 64 Jazz Bass
Fender American Vintage 54 Precision Bass
Fender American Precision Bass
Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass
Fender Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass
Fender American Fretless Jazz Bass
1/2 Size European Double Bass
3/4 Size European Double Bass

Fender Bassman 300 All-Tube Head
Fender Bassman 810 Pro Bass Cabinet
Ashdown Klystron Head
Ashdown Neo Cabs

Aphex 108 Automatic Compressor
MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus Pedal
Dunlop Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
MXR M-101 Phase 90 Pedal
TC Electronic Vintage Delay Guitar Effect Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
TC Electronic Vintage Bass Distortion Pedal
SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard
Fender '51 Precision Bass
Hofner Verythin LTD Edition Guitar in Walnut w/ Bigsby
Engelhardt ES9 Upright Bass
1968 Trayner YBA 1A MK II Amp
w/ 6x10 cabinet
Warwick Streamer Stage II (5 String)
Gallien Krueger 115RBH and 410RBH Cabs with a 2001RB-II Head.
Wah, Flanger, Overdrive, MXR Phase 90.
Self-Improvement is Masturbation
-Fender American Precision Bass (fitted with a BadAss III Bridge and some vintage pickups)
-Fender Deluxe Precision Bass (the Mexican one, I don't like the American Deluxe)
-Fender Standard Precision Bass (fitted with a new pickguard, BadAss II Bridge, vintage pickups)
-Fender '69 Precision Bass
-Marcus Miller Signature Bass (4-string)
-Flea Modulus FB4
-Mike Dirnt Precision Bass
-Squier Precision Bass
-Fender American Jazz Bass
-Custom Fender Bass

-Gallien-Krueger 2001RB Amplifier Head
-Fender Bassman 810 Pro Bass Cabinet
-Fender Bassman 250/210 Bass Combo Amp
-Fender Bassman 100 Combo Amp

-Fender Custom Made Strap 2.5" Padded
-Dunlop Tortex .88mm Guitar Picks
-Dunlop Straplocks
-Monster Bass Cables
-Hearos Ear Filters
tobias signature 5-string bass with schaller strap locks--->(Pedalboard) MRX bass blowtorch Distortion--->Dunlop crybaby 105Q bass wah--->Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus--->Boss TU-2 tuner--->(rack) DBX 266xl compressor/gate--->Aguilar Ag 500SC head---> Aguilar GS 4x12 cabinet
Epiphone Custom Shop Thunderbird IV-->Cry Baby 105Q bass wah-->MXR blowtorch bass distortion-->Ampeg B2R Head and 2x12 cab
ESP B-405 (have) /main 5 string
ESP Surveyor II black/ebony fretboard
ESP F404 see thru black cherry
Fender American jazz w/EMG-J set,Badass2 bridge,Schaller tuners,EMG BQc controll vol/vol/varimid/bass and trebbleboost stacked ( just have the EMG pickups for now)
Fender P bass w/ either dimarzio split P or EMG P-Hz

Ampeg SVT-4 Pro (next paycheck)
Fender Bassman Pro 1x15 (combo amp)

Ampeg SVT-8X10E (next paycheck)
Ampeg SVT-1x18

Tech 21Sansamp RBI (pre effects loop)
Ampeg SCP-OCT octave pedal (pre effects loop)
Bass GT-6B (pre efects loop)
Tech21 XXL distortion/overdrive
DigiTech Whammy (post effects loop)

Rack SKB-R6 roto rack
Tech 21Sansamp RBI (pre effects loop)
Furman power conditioner w/ lights
Korg DTR2000 chromatic rack tuner
SVT-4 Pro

Monster Bass cables
Nady bass wireless
ELIXER strings

this is evrything on my list so far will be a LOT of money but it will sound so sweet once i get it all!!
not really worried about the basses right now first im getting the ampeg and 8x10 then finishing modding my Fender Jazz then im finishing the rack.
ESP B-405,Fender American Jazz Bass(EMG J active pups and LEO QUAN BADASS II ) squire P bass(EMG P active Pups)),
SansAmp Bass driver DI
Ampeg SvP PRO Tube Preamp
QSC2450 Power amp
Furman PL8
Okay, here goes.


Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 4HH - White, Black pickguard, rosewood fretboard, non-matching headstock, 21 frets, 3-band EQ, non-piezo bridge. [Already Have]

Custom Rickenbacker 4003 Copy - Blue, white pickguard, deeper cutaway, 24 frets, 3-band active EQ, two pups, one Darkstar jazz pup, one Musicman humbucker (humbucker at bridge), 4-way pup selector switch.

Custom Musicman Stingray 4HH Copy - Blue, White pearloid pickguard, maple fretboard, 2 Musicman humbuckers, Musicman bridge, passive EQ and pups, 21 frets, non-piezo bridge.


Z Vex Woolly Mammoth Fuzz Box - hand painted, hand built, ****in' gorgeous [Already have] - Only bass with effects will be the Custom Stinger copy.


Orange AD200 Head
Two Orange 4x10 Cabs


Dunlop 2.0mm plectrums

Chromatic Pedal Tuner of some sort - possibly a Boss or a Korg.

Hobo gloves. Lots of them.
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I think, (subject to change at whim)

American Fender Deluxe Precision Bass (White w/ black pickguard/maple fretboard, modded with BadAss II Bridge), RotoSound strings, through a effects (not in order):

Boss TU-2 tuner pedal,
Ibanez PD-7,
Boss CEB-3 Chorus,
Boss GEB-7 EQ pedal,
Morley Wah.

Into Gallien-Krueger head/4x10 and 1x15 cabs.

A little vague in the amp department because I'm not up to buff on getting the most from a head/cab setup.

I'd happily use the Dunlop Tortex 1mm picks I use already for the rest of my bass playing life.

Something like that, anyway.
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My turn!

Pedulla Rapture RB4
Warwick Corvette standard 5
Fender American P bass special
Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass
MusicMan Sterling in Pearl Blue

Boss ODB-3 (already own)
Digitech whammy/bass whammy
Boss DD-3
Boss CE-5
Electro Harmonix bass micro synth
Electro Harmonix Q Tron+
Boss BF-3
Boss CS-3
Morley dual bass wah
BBE sonic maximizer

2 Ampeg SVT 3PRO
2 Ampeg SVT 410HE
2 Ampeg SVT 12HE

I would have the wet signal going into one stack and the dry going into the other, the basses would be connected to the pedal board with a Shure wireless system and the pedal board will be connected to the amps with another wireless system. The pedal board will conneted up with Monster patch cables.

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Quote by MetalUpTheAss
If I had infinite monies?

Lots of basses going through lots of effects pedals. 2 Mesa Boogie Titan V-12's. One for clean/overdriven stuff only. One for total effects/driven stuff. One going into an 810 the other going into a 412.
+1 This man, MetalUpTheAss, is a genius.

Definetly go with Mesa for the amps.

Bass wise it'd be a few custom Alembics, a Sadowsky, and my handmade custom Legend of Zelda 7 string


BBE Sonic Maximizer
Morley Wah
Bass Whammy
MRX Blowtorch Distortion
Compressor (A good one? :confused
Chorus, reverb, delay, phaser (Boss or Digitech)
Boss Loopstation
Ashdown Octaver
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Fretless Yamaha BB400 - have
Fretless Bongo 6
Cort B5 (5 string)
Cort A6 (6 String)
Bongo 4
Stu Hamm Urge 2
Upright with Piezo and Magnetic Pickups


Boss EQ pedal
Envelope Filter
Dunlop Bass Wah

32 band EQ (stereo rackmount)
2 Markbass SD800's (rackmount)
Markbass CL 108 cab (effects)
Markbass standard 152HR (Clean)

Markbass CMD151P Jeff Berlin (portable amp)
Washburn RB2500 (5 String)
Yamaha BB400 Fretless (1981)
Carlo Giordano 3/4 Upright (White)
Cort Action 4 (Stereo-fied)
Orange Bass Terror 500
Orange 1x15 Cab
Boss GT-6 Bass Multi-effects
-Custom Sage basses of various string numbers, materials, shapes, etc. If I can get them to do a Buzzard-esque bass, I will.

-EBS 412, 115F, and NEO-410 cabinets

-Monster cables all the way through
-DR strings
-BBE Sonic Maximizer
-2 Fulltone Bass Drivers (one for smoother distortion, one for heavier)
-Morley Bass Wah
-A chorus, phaser, flange, volume, delay, and loop station (not sure which ones are good or not)
Custom designed, handbuilt Ritter basses, all the effects money could buy (talking racks upon racks, all foot controlled) into ampeg heads driving a wall of Gallien Kruger 4x10's (with the bottom row consisting of 1x15's for the lows) all set up the right way with crossovers and such
Traben Array
2x Tech21 Sansamp RBI Bass preamps
450w Power Amp
2x Gallien-Krueger 410
Handmade nylon-string classical guitar
Jackson DXMG Dinky
Line 6 Spider 2 250w combo
Various Lee Oskar and Honer harmonicas
Yamaha YPT-310
I have no clue what amps I would use, but I DO know that I want a Wal Mach III with a burning desire.

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