Wow thats great, I can never get the hammers to sound loud enough. I think you do some bits actually faster then on the original but if you haven't heard it before that probably why.

Some bits were slighly messy and your guitar tone needs to be warmer, maybe use the neck pickup if your not already.

But great job.

Crit mine? link in sig
The playing is okay, but the tone is horrible, you need to use wierd AMP settings (6,6,8) try a bit more reverb. This is one of those songs where you kind of need good equipment to do it right, if your guitar doesn't have low action and good sustain it's really hard to get the tapped chord parts down perfect.
Hm, I don't think the tone was horrible, anyway, thanks for posting.

My guitar has low action, not a great sustain, which really bugs me.