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Allright, so I'm gonna buy a new guitar and I found the one I want in an eBay store. I am however pretty new to eBay so I was wondering, when it says free shipping in the text, and the shipping costs spells out FREE, is it then free? Or is there some sort of hidden fee that I will be charged for once I recieve it? I know I'm probably gonna be paying Danish tax which is 25% but are there any other extra costs that I should be aware of?

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Well it's from an eBay store with 9400 sells and a feedback of 99,8% positive. And besides, it almost half the price of the guitar in Denmark and I can't get the color I want it in in Denmark.
Well I doubt there are any hidden fees... but If I were you I'd be more afraid of hidden problems like the guitar... such as having gutted electronics or a cracked neck or something.
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You just shouldn't buy guitars/gear off eBay. My friend did that with a pretty sweet looking guitar and when he got it, it sounded horrible and he paid twice the guitar center price

then your friend was a fool.

ebay is pretty good for finding things. you just need to ask the right questions about the guitar... id recommend playing the guitar at a guitar store first so you know for sure that you like it. if someone promises something is in near-new condition, and you get it all shitty, you can register a complaint and get your money back.