a couple of friends and I were playing this yesterday and i thought it might might be fun to put on here so ill give it a try. OK so basically you have to think of 2 things that are similarly horrible or good and then the person below has to choose one and explain their decision then write 2 more things for the next person to keep the game going.

I'll start it off


drowning or burning to death?
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drowning.. fire is hot..

be impaled on a large spike


be stabbed in the throat with a screwdriver
drowning - I like water :P


Satan or Anti-christ

(satan's son is the anti-christ,, they say :P)

f*ck too late :P
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oke new one:

male or shemale to have sex with?
male, less mutated. all right, fall from a thousand feet to death, or be eaten by rats alive.
_b l/ink youreyes /1 for yes 2 fo_r n o
Not too many holes to....Well...

Eating Poo and drinking a bottle of bleach?
- fall from a thousand feet to death
- drinking a bottle of bleach (dunno what it means but gues better than poo :P)

normal or king size penis :P (think of the lady's guys :P)
stab an old woman for 50p
stomp a kitten to death(for fun)

both make you equally naughty
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old woman,
handjob or blow job?
hendrix was overrated and grohl is better in food fighters than in nirvana
stomping the kitty. i hate cats!!!
Having ur dick chopped off
stabbed in the stomach with a dull screwdriver
stabbed in the stomach.


£500000 or a beautiful wife that will love you for the rest of your life?
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bicycle - motorbike costs more.

(if ur parents were both alive) Ur mother dies or your dad
uhhhhhhhhhh... dad

cutting you own arm off, or cutting you girlfriends arm off?
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Tell her you want to sodomize her with a chainsaw
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OMFG, an opinion.

my arm, if i'm sure she wouldn't reject me for losing an arm.

having a 9m arm or 30 ducks following you everywhere?

btw, you can't escape the ducks. if you try to lock them out, they'll break the door and gouge your eyes out, then bite bits of flesh until you lose all your blood. they follow you everywhere, when you go to the cinema with your gf, work, bed, etc...
ducks, but thats more of a reward than a punishment
Ducks please

Getting raped by your dad or sucking off your dad whilst taking a dildo up the ass from your mum
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i wish i was fat so i can buy xxl clothes during liquidation
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Ducks please

Getting raped by your dad or sucking off your dad whilst taking a dildo up the ass from your mum

the raped one at least that way i can't possibly have a **** in my mouth and my ass at the same time.

would you rather be in a live online sex scene with pete wentz from fall out boy, or be in charge of the first wave of George Bush's war on the staring cast of Brokeback Mountain
the george bush thing

Becoming a guitar god but no one gets to know you

Sucking at guitar but become a superstar