I would mayby go for the peavey,because ibanez neck's are very easy to get not straight. I would go for the peavey in pearl white.
ide say if your going for looks then the ibanez plus it has EMGs but according to the ratings the Peavey is better so if i got that one ide get the whitey
going off the ratings on the site i say peavey... except i don't like the colour of the peavey but does that matter if it plays well???
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The Ibanez if these are your only two options . . . I dunno how long you've been playing, but keep in mind some of the tunning and restringing difficulties of the floyd rose trems . . . I had one on an RG for several years and it never got better. However, I've not yet used the new system (I've been scared off). Also, think about what kind of music you'll be playing, and what sound you want to get. If you want to play metal, and shred the hell out of everything, get an ibanez with a paper thin neck (if you don't care too much about solid tone). If you want a thicker sound, look at PRS and Gibson Les Pauls. If you're looking for a lighter, more treble tone, a fender strat in that price range would suit you better.
Im aware of the trouble that comes with a floating bridge..
I've been playin for 3 years and play mostly metal and hard rock, but i also like playing blues and softer stuff