Well I decided to do a cover of Apache because it's really nice little song and as it's simple it lends it self to any genre.

The drums and bass are made on Guitar Pro by me (I reckon they sound pretty good) and I recorded all the guitar myself.

I apologise for the digital guitar tone - I'm recording directly from my Multi-FX which isn't going to sound great.

I'm pleased with, this, it's easily my best recording project to date (although there haven't been many). Lots of guitar tracks - two rhythm, lead, and some harmony guitars here and there.

I think some of the lead is a little messy in places and slighly oit of time.

I'd be happy to crit anyone in exchange!


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Yeah, this track is something to be proud of. I like the arrangement here. The drums sound surprisingly good to be Guitar Pro drums! You're right about the tone... It sounds very digital. I think it needs some more treble. The lead guitar is pretty good, although you could add some more vibrato to the sustained notes to make your playing sound more expressive. Keep it up!
Yeah, unfotunately the only it's the only method of recording I have because I have no Microphone or Audio Interface, and well it'll be £150 for me to get kitted out and I don't have that kind of money at the moment.
Well done mate, thats a pretty good recording! I also suffer from low quality sound, due to financial constraints on my equipment

Even so, the quality wasn't that bad i though. It only became apparent in the twin-guitar harmony part, which sounded at times slightly out of tune (but only a musical ear would really notice that)

The general standard of playing was very good tho. Keep it up mate!

Please would you be able to crit my recording in exchange. link below. many thanx

Listening as I go (Like wise) I like the drum quality. The quality blends pretty good, although it's not quite my style of music.

Need some work on the 16th notes on that chord.

The trem picking near the end is good, but I can't stand that fuzzy tone much.

Overall the solo was pretty decent, an alright cover. Great job!

Awesome stuff. I love that. I liked your tone, and the drums + rhythm were good. The 16th note pattern (you know when you play the 3rd fret D, then G string part) is a bit off. But overall good stuff.