I'm in a confused state at this moment in time so I aplogize in advance if the meaning seems a little diverse. If you would like a crit returning link me to your piece.

Words Of Confusion


All my intentions are written down in translations meaning good
The good that I meant to shine down upon you
It kills me a little more knowing they're not good enough for you
Even more so that I'm nothing to your existence
But a voice in the wilderness
Screaming for your tenure ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

It's nothing new that this has stopped ageing
It seems to be stuck in it's transition
But the way you lead your life has since grown old
Upon the times I've wished for my own changing

We never even had a picture to comfort or remind me
Of a bond we'll always have
I get so sick of seeing attempts by others to try and take
Your body for their own use
But it's this attention that you crave on, not my offerings
You care too much to recieve attention
You may not already know it but what you're doing
Only adds to the problems ohhhhh ohhhhhhh

So I pray for new life
Each night brings a new day
Where there'll be more chances
Of you realizing me

I hate myself for hating you
But the feeling's mutual when i'm loving you
It's tempting to take advantage
When you're in such a state
But I guess that wouldn't count
As leaving it to fate.

I'm confined to waiting and to dreaming
To carry on contemplating
What might be or what will never
Too much hurt, too much anger
The confusion is more than ever
And i'm scared that's all that's left
Between me and you...
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i like it alot. you might want to even the stanzas out a bit, but thats just my opinion. really liked the last two stanzas, they really summed up what the whole song is kinda about. it seems that you have hurt or have been hurt by someone that you really cared about, but you still love them, so you dont really know what to do. overally a well-writen piece, 8.5/10

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You know what the title reminds me of, Land of confusion by genisis, and disturbed.

But thats besides the point, Love the song.