My friend and I are doing some 1 guitarist, 1 drummer songs. We can both sing and I (the guitarist) have a looper which I can use for other parts but I would rather not. Heres what we've got so far:

Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix
Set You Free-The Black Keys
The General-Dispatch
Nothing Else Matters-Metallica

Does anyone have any more good songs to play?
you will sound crappy with out a bass
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Anything by Black Keys or White Stripes, neither of them use bass
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Songs you can play without a bassist? To find these you first have to find a band with a shit bassist. How about post-Burton Metallica?
woman by wolfmother, good time boys -RHCP

any song where the bass mirrors the guitar is my only advice
Best of you - Foo Fighters. that is if you can scream in key. and not sound like your putting your vocal chords through a paper shredder.
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I don't know about White Stripes stuff, my drummer doesn't really like them/is mostly into classic rock but I might be able to convince him otherwise.

White Stripes are very ideal for your situation because the band is made up of 2 people, a singer/ guitarist and a drummer. The music isn't bad either.
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