Verse 1

Looking on the bright side
Is a hard thing to do
I'm crying out for someone
Just like you

But I don't think you like me
Well never in that way
I'm looking for distraction
to keep these thoughts at bay


I'm trying to do something
to break down this wall
I'm gonna have to ask you
Do you like me at all


Because you're cold to me
It's just so old to me
and I don't know why

Verse 2

Looking on the bright side
Isn't so hard now
I've made some progress
But I don't know how

A couple of spoken words
Was all it took
To get your number
in my phonebook


I've finally done something
to break down that wall
It wasn't that hard
after all


Cos now you're good to me
All the time
There's no more words to say
Today is mine

Hoep you enjoyed, obviousy c4c
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Quote by apod44
what is "Is a hard thing to fo"

I have no idea what that line was meant to say, let me think

Edit: that's it A hard thing to DO