Here's one of the 9 songs i've written. Ever since i put some on for the first time, i've been tweaking them in places to make them sound good enough to listen to.

This one is called Losing Grip. It's Heavy/Trash Metal and its very long, coming up to 7:20

I'd really like some crits and in return, i'll crit your songs.

Track 6.zip
The intro was a tad uninteresting to me personally, It flowed well, it was just a tad boring. However, once it got into the main riff, it really got good.... just my only gripe was it seemed to drag on, alot... and the fact that it was seven minutes long left me sad in knowing there was only one solo, and it wasnt that long even. However the solo that is in there, is awesome, really well written.

Overall, I think it needs to be shortened a little, or spiced up in some parts, to make it more interesting.

7/10, for now....

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I didn't really like the intro, you had some neat percussion in there but the guitar parts were a little generic and a litte uninteresting.
Rhythm 1: That's more like it! The only thing i'd suggest is instead of the drums kinda following the guitar riff, make it do something else to spice it up a little. Other than that it was great.
Bar 45-52: I don't really know about this. The bass line was great, but you couldn't hear it. Turn up the bass!
Rhythm 2: Excellent. Nothing to say here.
Rhythm 3: I liked it, the beginning of it was a bit odd, but when the drums came in it was great.
Main Riff: Great! The only thing i can think of is when you move this up 3 frets, adjust the sharp notes so they are in key. It sounds a lot better that way IMO.
Riff 2: Nice variations, i loved that.
Same with Fill 2, that was great.
Chorus: a bit too, erm, 'punk' for my liking, nice rhythms in there, but it was a bit predictable.
Guitar Solo: awesome, i loved the arpeggio's, although to end end the solo, i wouldn't use an 'E'.
I agree with Ryioku, it did drag on a lot, i would shorten it a bit, but other than that it was great.

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Lyrics would do this song wonders I think (for the sake of it being a drug out song). I actually liked the slow build up intro. You did well keeping that punk/thrash drive throughout the whole song. The solo was great til right there at the end (249-253) .. it just didnt seem to meld well with what CO was doing. Overall tho, 8.5/10 I say. Lyrics could definitely turn it in to a 10 tho.
The rythm you got goin on the main riff and during the solo n such is really good, the solo its self was really good but the rest of it was really basic power chord stuff that didnt wow me that much. i sugjest working on that, mostly the intro... i found it a bit boring. With lyrics of course it could change it alot but as for now i give it 7/10
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I like it a lot once it got into the main riff. The Intro seemed way to generic and uninteresting, but the riff was really cool, and the solo wasnt half bad. My only problem with the solo is that there wasnt much structure or style to it, just a bunch of notes. And there was only one short solo in 7:20!!!

it definitely has potential 6.5/10
This was awesome.........the only thing that bothered me was that from barst 125-207 it sounds WAY!! too much like Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden....... i dont know if you haven't heard that song or what?....but it just sound too much like it...... in bar 156 where the bass starts......its the exact same notes as the ones in Phantom of the Opera........ but thats just me...........
I actually liked this one. I'm thinking 7 or 8/10. All you need is some constant symbols for the drums and not change symbols so often. Have hi-hat in verse and crash in chorus or something, not switching off between the two like every beat. Also, double bass. It's a fast song and it deserves a fast, driving beat. But other than that, it's awsome. Rock on.