I've always kinda been wanting to learn to tap well, but have never really been bothered. Well, now i wanna get good at it, and i need some nice tapping tabs to get me going. Can anyone help me out? Please no insane stuff like 'bad horsie' but any good solid tapping tabs would be great.
Oh **** I gotta do vibrato
ummmm...you can try the tapping bits to one-metallica; hot for teacher-van halen; ride the lightning-metallica...those are pretty basic tapping licks
like half of the tapping for eruption is easy.....and then crazy train is pretty easy if your tapping finger is halfway fast.....one by metallica?.....just try alot of van halen, and metallica...
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Oohhhhh I Almost Forgot....and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Song!!!! Yaaa Baaabbaayy

can any1 post a vid on playing that please? id be really interested on learning that