you guys are obviously huge nirvana fans. the intro sounds a lot like breed. having said that, you sound really good. the vocals on the chorus are very good for the style and the drums are nice and tight. i thought the guitar was a little trebly, but not enough to throw off the song. good work

mind giving me a listen?
The riffage sounds like Nirvana.. or something. Hah, it's not bad.
The vocals are a bit bland though... sorry
Here's something new from me.... nothing special.. lacks drums.
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I'm sorry but the verse riff and vocal melody is a clear ripoff of I got a girl by tripping daisies, I'm sure it wasn't intentional but it is the same. Other than that, you need to turn up the vocals the guitar drowns them out somewhat. Sorry to be a negative nancy, I just thought that I should bring this up.
I like the songwriting here. I think you need to pay more attention to the mixing and overall sounds though. The vocals should be quite a lot hotter, like said before. Not fan of the guitar tone either. What I would've liked to hear here, is a more overdriven natural tone, not so distorted. Now it's a bit of a mess. Anyway, it's a good song, maybe a lacks a bit of originality.

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Hmm this song reminds me of some band, can't put my finger on it though.... lol

Yeah, vocals need to be louder and more "present" especailly in the chorus. The distorted guitar sounds bad, it needs to be less fizz and a bit thicker and fuller, more natural, it sounds distant compared to the clean.

Overall its a good song, it has potential, maybe do another take keeping in mind the things people have said on here.

If you have time, the link is in my sig!