Hey everyone,

I'm looking at a new amp, and have a few questions. I own an epi les paul, and play a variety of rock. I'd love to stay under $500 US.

1. I've heard conflicting views on the Peavey valveking, if any have experience with it, I would love to hear about it.

2. The vox valvetronix is another I looked into, but wasn't sure if it truly had tone like quality or if its just a rip-off hybrid.

3. A few people have suggested a fender tube, but I wasn't sure if it could handle some of the harder stuff I play. Could a pedal take care of this?

4. I would love to hear any other suggestions.

Thanks guys, any input helps.
the vox or the fender won't do really heavy stuff well. a hotrod and a distortion or a heavier overdrive would solve your problem though.
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The Valveking is OK. Some people don't like them, I do. The cleans are decent. Setting the gain above 12 o'clock tends to make the amp sound harsh but I rarely use it that high. The reverb is not as good as I would like, but adequate. I've had this one for about 3 months now so can't comment on reliability, some people have had issues with it. The VK is a budget amp. Anyone buying this model in this price range expecting it to sound like a Marshall or a Mesa is an idiot.

The Vox Valvetronix AD50VT was OK for a while. If you check one of these out, be sure to put it in manual mode and experiment with the settings. You really can improve over the factory preset sounds. Some of the effects are decent, but I didn't like all the combinations that Vox selected. I tried putting a distortion pedal in front of it and wasn't pleased. When switching from one amp model to another, the volume can change drastically. Never liked that part at all. After owning this amp for 5 months, it popped like a .357 magnum and quit. It was repaired under warranty and traded away.

Consider checking out some of the Crate tube models. My old 30 watt Vintage Club is probably my favorite among the amps I have now. The Palamino models are a Guitar Center only model, if there's a GC near you try one out.

The best way is to try out as many models in your price range and pick what YOU like.
Thanks to tubaboy for the fender input and daryl for input on the peavey and vox. I'll look into the crates too. appreciated. anyone else?