OK currently I have an Epiphone SG and i feel i should get a different axe.

I mainly play stuff like Megadeth and Metallica

Im will not go over $1000 since a guitar over 1000 is just crazy

thanks in advance!
try a esp there sweet with emgs youll like the metal tone but its just ok on the clean channel
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U'll have to go urself and try some out to see what you like and see if the ones u try give you the sound ur looking for. Sure, we could sit here and tell u which one to get, but how are u gonna know if its what YOU want. Go to a music store and try some out.
yeah, go to a store and just sit down and play
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if you still want the sg style go for the esp ltd deluxe viper 1000 for 800 on musicians friend. it has active emg's. or for 1300 get the ESP standard viper.
I'd say go with an Esp or Jackson, those have a nice Thrashy sound.

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