Mmkay, my dad and I both agree: I need a new electric guitar. I'm looking for something that has what I'm looking for:

-Low in Price (lets say nothing over $2000)
-Imagery (something that catches the eye, like that bloody Atreyu guitar)
-Sound (good quality)

I use a Transtube Bandit 112 as an amp, and a Fab Distortion pedal, if anyone uses these. And I'll need links to, a U-G review or somewhere where I can look at the guitar. Thanks!

EDIT: I was looking at Paul Reed Smith guitars. Anyone suggest any of those?
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Sg standard i say
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If you want something that catches the guitar like Atreyu. Get a Gibson Explorer, or ESP DJ-600 (Dan Jacob's signature bloody Explorer rip-off from ESP)
dude i say get a Gibson SG. i got one and its freaking awsome. its so light so you dont get worn out, its got nice action, cutouts for easy access for higher frets, never goes out of tune, sounds awsome, and its freaking sexy. The SG i have runs about $650. i had some Semour Duncan pick-ups installed in it to give it some more beef.
If your ceiling is $2000, then you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't at least take an extended look at Carvin Guitars.

Pick which body you like and then customize it to your heart's content, for a VERY low price.

Amazing build quality and they sound great.
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