Hey, ill be moving back to england from america and im looking to start a band with a few people i can play bass and guitar (preffrebly guitar) and a few other instruemtns and sing. I'm looking to do somthing new and not be the same old shit they have out. My influences are Daft Punk, Bloc Party, Jimi Hendrix, Blink 182. I'm mostly into Indie/punk and acid rock and House so that would make for a pretty unique sound if we could pull it off. Anyway i have some stuff written already. If any of you are interested you can get me on out_guitarin@hotmail.com
Ill join a band if the influences are right so dont rule that out.
Thanks and i hope to hear from someone soon.
Hahaha sure man whatever. My stuff is a little more serious but its always good to have that other person who has opposite views and brings their own flare and experiences to the band. i dont know if you were serious or not but at least i got a hit.