I have a delay pedal... and I've had it for awhile, but I've just screwed around with it... however, now I would like to learn a song or something that uses it, or just some cool stuff to do with it. TIA
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lots of good delay songs, just depends what you like
pink floyd: run like hell
tool: lateralus
eric johnson: trademark, manhattan
paul gilbert: get out of my yard (has a cool warp effect at end too)
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Offsprings Defy You had a nice simple one
if you can reverse it i think London Callings solo is reversed
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a lot of audioslave's and rage's music has delay in it

dave navarro uses his delay a lot (he actually has 2)


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Some ska will sound sweet with delay.
Dave Weiner - Dave's party piece

you can find a good recording and tab on his website, www.daveweiner.com.
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